Ideas Materialised

About Us

Seek Africa is a multidisciplinary collection of companies with specialist skillsets and services in the property & construction category. Seek Africa has over a century of collective experience in the property and construction industries across our respective companies. The shared learnings across our group give us unparalleled insight and understanding into the entire project value chain.



What Makes Us Unique?

Seek Africa exists to turn ideas into reality.

We have a fundamental appreciation for ideas. An idea can take many forms; a country's vision for a new economic hub, a meeting place for like-minded individuals, a destination to attract tourism, a navigation system to direct millions of travellers or a sporting facility to groom up and coming talent.

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Our Portfolio

Our Offerings

The Seek Africa group constitutes a diverse yet complementary collection of services and offerings. Each offering in itself is a category specialist. Yet, as a collective, they make up one of the most competitive and compelling turnkey project solutions within the property and construction industry.